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About Propertywire Nigeria

We are an indigenous firm of highly driven Real Estate Consultants who have been operating in the real estate industry in Nigeria for a record time.

While our services cut across all facets of the real estate practices in the industry, our core competencies have been noted to be acquisitions, sales, leases, real estate investment advisory among others.

Our client base cuts across all works of life including all sectors of the economic, religious, racial and across continental divide.

Our staff are painstakingly selected & trained to exceed clients' expectations. Their passion and dedication to work is crystal clear and unparalleled, industry-wide.

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Our Services

Other Services

  • Property Development

    Our experienced team Produce base data ahead of development negotiations.
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  • Legal Documentation

    Our legal team gets to the very root of land titles to give advise before closing deals.
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  • Consultancy

    We provide appropriate information and advisory services to our clients on requests and needs.
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  • Asset Valuation

    We appraise your business idea, and advise on best locations for highest yield.
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