Legal Documentation

At Propertywire Nigeria, Our legal team provides services protecting the property owners, buyer or seller, as the case may be, from fraudulent transactions by thoroughly checking title documents with the appropriate bodies during the course of due dilligence.
We are the reputed service provider for the co-ordination of legal documentation services which includes;

  • Lease agreement.
  • Deeds of assignment.
  • Governor’s consent.
  • Contract of sales agreement.

With that, Propertywire Nigeria assures any client of clean and unencumbered title if buying property from us. Our legal team gets to the very root of every land title to give necessary advise before we close all deals. At Propertywire Nigeria, we have zero-tolerance for fraudulent sale transactions.

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  • Legal Documentation

    Our legal team gets to the very root of land titles to give advise before closing deals.
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