Real Estate agency is the most common practice that we engage in. We assist you to sell, acquire, let-out, and source properties either purchase or rent,be it commercial or residential use.

    For rental properties, we do the following;- Act on behalf of owners, buyers and tenants to arrange the sale or lease of property (including houses, buildings, businesses and land), we also provide market appraisals of properties and businesses for clients, we negotiate the sale or lease of properties and businesses and finally we collect rent and manage rental properties.

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Our Services

Other Services

  • Property Development

    Our experienced team Produce base data ahead of development negotiations.
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  • Legal Documentation

    Our legal team gets to the very root of land titles to give advise before closing deals.
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  • Consultancy

    We provide appropriate information and advisory services to our clients on requests and needs.
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  • Asset Valuation

    We appraise your business idea, and advise on best locations for highest yield.
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